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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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barely in time to drop the 8- year-old daughter that she'd rescued and then jump herself. father jack lillard was seen standing on a burning rooftop trying to get inside another flaming bedroom where two sisters aged 3 and 6 were trapped. the children did not survive. some friends have left teddy bears in the snow as memorials. >> i just feel so bad. i've been up all night worrying about them because i could see the blaze from my house. it was horrible. >> reporter: the sisters who died were sophie lillard age 6 and madigan lillard age 3. the survivors, parents angela and jack lillard, along with 8-year- old sister morgan and her 7- month-old sister sadie. all were taken to the hospitals with injuries. neighbors are left to pray for the parents whose incredible bravery could not save all their children. >> it's a tragedy, an absolute tragedy. we didn't sleep at all last night, neither my husband nor i. >> she kept rocking and said
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what happened? what happened? where can my babies be? i'm a mother and i don't know how she could handle losing two babies like that. >> reporter: a volunteer firefighter from myersville was also injured here last night. by the time the fire crews got here the house was completely engulfed in flames. in fact, some of the neighbors think firefighters weren't called until the house was up in flames because the parents were scrambling so desperately to save the children. we know angela lillard is part of the carroll creek montessori school community in frederick. we've been in touch with some of those folks. there is an outpouring of grief and support for this family including a fundraiser that's being planned already at a chick-fil-a restaurant next tuesday in frederick. the family is real going to struggle to recover from this terrible tragedy where the two sisters died. scott broom, wusa9. >> i have to ask you any talk
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about what was the cause of this? >> reporter: they have no idea what the cause was. they just know that it moved so incredibly quickly. one of the neighbors said that mrs. lillard was actually feeding the baby downstairs when it broke out and the fire just swept up the stairs more quickly than people could even react. >> thank you. sky 9 was out over the scene on another house fire, this one in springfield, virginia this afternoon and this one sent one person to the hospital it broke out after 2 p.m. on a place called morning dew court. by the time the firefighters got there thick flames were shooting out of the house. the victim went to washington burn unit. that cause is under investigation. a former police officer is looking at spending the next three years behind bars. the jury which found daniel harmon-wright guilty of manslaughter recommended a 36 month sentence today. peggy fox brings us the story from culpeper. >> reporter: it took the jury
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about four hours to reach a decision on punishment. they decided to give daniel harmon-wright no more than 12 months for each of the three counts for a total off no more than 36 months behind bars. minutes after the jury decided daniel harmon-wright should spend the next three years behind bars the former culpeper police officer was handcuffed and escorted back to jail. special prosecutor jim fisher said he was satisfied with the decision. >> it was an abandonment of the role of police officer entirely and i think it was important for the jury to send that message and i think they did. >> reporter: the jury did not find harmon-wright acted with malice when he shot and killed patricia cook who was trespassing sitting in her jeep in a school parking lot. he says she clamped her window shut on his fingers and started driving away when he opened fire. >> he still feels like he did the job he was hired to do and there was nothing else he could have done. so he feels victimized. >> reporter: instead of murder the jury found harmon-wright
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guilty of manslaughter and two other counts. brendan king who served in the marine corps with harmon-wright told the jury that his friend had been punished enough. >> dan feels remorse and the guilt obviously from what happened. he has to live with the punishment with himself more than any jail. >> reporter: the judge can decide to run the three 12 months concurrently or more likely consecutively. >> this is a sad day. a victim has lost her life. a former police officer has lost his career and his liberty for a period of time. hopefully the juncture that we are at, the town of culpeper and the opportunity of culpeper can begin the healing process. >> reporter: because the decision was spelled out in months and not years it means daniel harmon-wright can serve it in a county jail instead of a state penitentiary. peggy fox, wusa9. >> judge susan whitlock is scheduled to sentence daniel
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harmon-wright april 10th. she can either accept -- i should say she can accept or reduce the recommended sentence but she cannot make it longer. u.s. officials are calling a suicide bomb attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey an act of terror. turkish officials believe the suspect belongs to a domestic militant group. >> reporter: the explosion blew off a door of the u.s. embassy in angora and threw debris into the streets of the turkish capital. a suicide bomber stopped at a security checkpoint killed himself and a turkish guard working for the embassy. >> the suicide bombing on the perimeter of the embassy is by definition a terrorist attack. >> reporter: police sealed off the area and are examining security camera footage. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but this is a photo of the suspect. turkey's interior minister said the bomber was linked to a domestic militant group.
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the state department is warning americans traveling and living in turkey to stay away from the embassy and other diplomatic offices until further notice. on her last day as secretary of state, hillary clinton said she spoke with the u.s. team in turkey. >> i told them how much we valued their commitment and their sacrifice. >> reporter: the blast also seriously injured a turkish journalist waiting to get into the embassy. the u.s. ambassador to turkey visited her in the hospital and praised the guard who lost his life. >> i paid my respects to the family of the turkish hero. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in angora is a heavily protected building near several other embassies and just a few blocks from the turkish parliament. tara mergener, washington. >> in fact, state department officials said the attack could have been worse if not for
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upgrades that created an external perimeter around the itself. hillary clinton made her comments the last day before leaving foggy bottom and told the assembled staff she's proud of the work they accomplished together. her success or john kerry was scheduled to take the oath of office in a private ceremony later in the day. the two head coaches of the super bowl held a joint news conference today in new orleans. they posed in front of the lombardi nfl championship trophy as the baltimore ravens and san francisco 49ers will play each other for that very trophy on sunday. they were asked about the opposite feelings they'll have after the game. >> every coach, every player, everybody in the organization when you win, everybody, it's jubilation and when you lose, it's just bitter disappointment because so much goes into it and it will be no different in this game, probably even on a greater scale because of the
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opportunity to win the championship. >> over the next hour and a half we have live super bowl coverage from our blitz and glitz team. andrea roane gives a taste of the new orleans signature suites. jc hayward has some high tea with former washington redskin bryon mitchell and our kristin fisher takes us behind the scenes of the super bowl at the superdome. >> but first our kristen berset sat down for an exclusive interview with the football family hollywood helped make famous and joins us live from new orleans. >> reporter: that's right. the super bowl is what football players dream for all their lives. it's what they play for and everybody has got their own unique story of how they got here. if you remember the movie the blind side, sandra bullock played leanne tuwe.
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we visited with them on the set of entertainment tonight. the ladies got decked out in their ravens dear. dad shawn is actually from new orleans -- gear. dad shawn is actually from new orleans. so he is thoroughly excited to see his son play in the super bowl in his hometown. >> the ravens have been so good for so long you don't take it for granted no tter where it is, but the fact that it's in new orleans and i get to come home, nobody gets that lucky. >> reporter: you know what it takes. it's pretty exciting for them now. the family says they still talk to sandra bullock who played leanne in the movie. she's got her no. 74 jersey ready to go sunday night. collin said if the ravens win the super bowl, the whole family is going to disney world. sounds like a good trip. live in new orleans outside the superdome. i'm kristen berset. guys, back to you in studio. >> thank you. of course, even with all
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that great food in new orleans there's always room for my favorite food group which always involves dessert. andrea roane joins us live with a look at city's signature treats. hi, andrea. >> reporter: hi there. before i tell you about the city's signature treats i've got to say the blitz and glitz team has gone all out. i am aboard the 1920 luxury vintage patron tequila express. it has been host to presidents, movie stars and now to the blitz and glitz team. come on board. >> super board fried, king cake fried, it's a lot of work, but i love it.
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i thrive on it. the adrenaline keeps me going. >> reporter: loretta harrison and her staff will all be going like energizer bunnies today getting ready now for the lunch crowd. >> that's your vegetable for today. that's jambalaya. in the oven is baked macaroni and we're going to fry up catfish. >> reporter: and whipping up what loretta is best known for, her authentic pralines. >> here in new orleans loretta's pralines are the creamy, chunky, delicious piece of new orleans. so what we have here is sugar, butter and milk. my pralines are authentic because the recipe came from my mother from her mother from her mother from her mother, many generations. we have not changed it. >> reporter: 30 years ago with $700 a dream loretta used those old family recipes to start
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this enterprise. it really started heating up after she sold 1,500 pralines at $1 each at a jazz and heritage festival. >> this is the size that we use for the store and the festival. >> reporter: today she spoons out 3,000 candies. >> 700 pounds of sugar, butter, two cases, maybe three. so that's 72 pounds and then milk. there's one, two, that's 12 cases of no. 10 cans to make the pralines. 90 pounds of pecans. this is what we do every day. >> reporter: and that's just for her french market and restaurant customers. she's already sent out 4,000 pralines to the nfl experience at waldenburg.
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[ audio difficulty ] >> reporter: but this is what loretta serves up best and again before we go we'll tell you a little more about where we are, but look at this. this is totally the lifestyles of the rich and famous and beyond. we are aboard the patron tequila express. it's a party train today. it's an open house for a good cause. we'll tell you about the st. bernard project and how it will make a difference in the lives
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of people here in louisiana still struggling after hurricanes and other natural disasters. so just stay on board with us. we have a great evening to tell you about, the blitz and glitz team right here in opulence. >> it is fantastic. by the way, we are in sugar shock even with you holding the pralines over there. >> if only there was such a thing as taste-o-vision. thanks, andrea. coming up our coverage from super bowl xlvii in new orleans keeps right on going. we'll talk live with cbs news bob schieffer about today's comments from the nfl commissioner addressing player safety. >> also ahead actor and heartthrob bradley cooper comes to d.c. we'll tell you about the cause connected to his latest movie. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. the winds are still howling still gusting over 25 miles per hour in most spots, 20 ate mile- per-hour in national and a 30
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-- 28 mile-per-hour in national and a 25 mile-per-hour in dulles. we'll talk about three chances of snow the next t
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wall street hit a milestone today for the first time since our most recent recession. stocks topped the 14,000 mark shortly before noon today. the last time it hit that mark was back in october of 2007. it ended up closing there, too. the dow ended the week at 14,009. nfl commissioner roger goodell is responding to president obama's comments that if he had a soon he would think twice before letting him play football due to the risk of head and other injuries. >> at his annual super bowl news conference today goodell said player safety and health will continue to be a priority for the league and he says the
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game can be made safer and football can still be better. >> i started playing the game when i was in 4th grade tackle football in washington d.c. and i love the game of football and i started as a fan, but i wouldn't give back one day of playing tackle football. the benefits of playing football, teaching you the values, teaching you character, how to get up when you're knocked down, how to work with teamwork, they're extraordinary lessons in life that i use to this day. >> and the nfl commissioner will be one of the guests on this sunday's face the nation which will broadcast live from new orleans. joining us now live is its host bob schieffer. good afternoon. i know you're a sports fan and when you talk to roger goodell, i know you want to press him about this whole issue of making the game safer while maintaining the popularity of what is a violent game. >> it's a real challenge.
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as you just saw earlier in the story you had when the president of the united states says he'd have to think long and hard about whether he would allow his son, if he had one, to play football, that tells you that football is a part of our american culture and is facing some challenges. nobody knows that better than roger goodell. he will be our guest for the broadcast. we'll be here in new orleans. i got to tell you so i get myself really prepared for this, i had to come down here a couple days early. >> i can understand. >> i do that in the interest of good journalism. >> bob, another question more washington centric, but the commissioner seemed to dodge around question of the redskins and controversy around the name. do you think that's something you might press him on a bit? >> i might ask him about that, but i think the first thing i want to ask is this whole deal about the concussions, the risk that football seems to be posing to some of these people. we've got a lot of technology
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out there. there are all kind of questions that can be asked and i think the commission had it about right. how do we have football as we know it i mean and remove this risk of serious injury like we're now seeing? football is about tackling and blocking, hitting hard. how do you keep the game as we know it but take away these risks that are obviously there? this is just a lot to talk about. i think this is one of those issues it's about sports, but it goes beyond sports and i think everybody connected with the game is coming to realize that. >> it's about what we value in our society i think and what we enjoy and why. bob schieffer, thank you for chatting with enjoy yourself. you've earned it. we look forward to your interview on sunday.
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>> you can watch the game with us on sunday 6:30 right here on wusa9. >> yeah. do as you say, not as you do. >> exactly. i didn't have time to get to the wall. we're going to walk in. >> let's make this quick. we're talking wind chills in the low teens route now and three chances of snow between now and monday. this is this morning in shady grove 3.3, .4 of an inch fell and make things slick and reduced visibility with the winds whipping up. it looks worse than it really is, looks like a full fledged blizzard, but it is not. snow squall this morning. now it's fine, a beautiful evening, just darn cold, our michael and son weather cam. temperatures are still in the upper 20s. temps went down all day, 28 now, dew point is two which means relative humidity indoors is 8%, winds north, northwest
5:22 pm
18, pressure still falling. temperature-wise 24 in germantown and bethesda, 27 in springfield, 26 in college park, 25 at andrews and 27 toward waldorf. factor in the winds it feels like 9 in gaithersburg, 15 downtown. dress for single digits and teens. we'll jump the divide. it feels like 8 below in oakland. the real temperature is 9. widen the radar and here's our next system, this very strong northwest flow. embedded in the flow are little disturbances almost 24 hours apart. they are quick movers kind of intense in terms of upper air support, but they don't have any moisture, thus not a big threat, just nuisance little dustings. tonight wind chill 0 to 10. more snow showers possible late tomorrow and tomorrow night, a dusting to 1 inch possible.
5:23 pm
so we made saturday a yellow alert because of the fact we could see a dusting saturday night. more snow showers late sunday, another system on its heels. for tonight 12 to 22, clear to partly cloudy, very cold, winds diminishing west northwest 5 to 10. by morning clouds start rolling in, teens and 20s to start, need a heavy coat all day. the wind is under control southwest at 10 and by afternoon mostly cloudy and cold, late snow showers possible, high temperatures only near 35 and a better chance for snow showers saturday night. so the next three days 9 weather alerts yellow tomorrow, evening snow showers, evening snow showers again sunday, 38, green for now. that will not interfere with you getting to and from your super bowl parties and monday snow showers at night, about 30 hours behind the one on sunday. so we're kind of training them back, back to back.
5:24 pm
next seven days temperatures on the cool side, kind of cold tuesday, back in the mid-40s, dip on wednesday back to the upper 30s. thursday and friday quiet, sunshine, mid-40s to near 50 by friday. again snow showers tomorrow night and super bowl night, not enough to keep you from eating your wings at best friend's house. >> there's more salt on the road than snow this morning. let's be real. my car washed is messed up by the salt, not the snow. >> you just got to find something to complain about. coming up nasa uses the anniversary of the columbia disaster to remember all the astronauts who have lost their lives. >> up next the latest on the standoff between police and a guy who is holding a 5-
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the latest developments in alabama where a kindergarten student remains hostage in an underground bunker in alabama. dykes stormed the school bus, shot and killed the bus driver and escaped with the little boy. police were able to get food
5:28 pm
and medicine to the little boy who has special needs. local and federal authorities along with the texas rangers are on the lookout for the gunman who killed a dallas area prosecutor. sheriffs say kaufman county assistant district attorney was shot several times yesterday by two gunmen in black tactical gear. it was an ambush in the county parking lot a block from the courthouse. investigators have no motive but say the d.a. was a victim of a targeted attack. this was a day of remembrance at nasa. the crews of apollo 1 and the challenger and columbia shuttles were honored during a somber ceremony at the kennedy space center. it was exactly 10 years ago when seven astronauts were killed when the columbia broke apart on reentry over texas. today is the day to go red for women and that means taking care of your heart. up next a survivor's story and
5:29 pm
the symptoms that told her something was wrong. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in northwest washington. ladies, actor bradley cooper in
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hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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actor bradley cooper was in washington d.c. today, but it was no red carpet affair. the star of the oscar nominated silver lining playbook came here to talk about a very serious subject. >> can somebody say hey, let's have a good ending to the story? >> reporter: it's just the beginning for actor bradley cooper in his newfound role as advocate for mental health awareness. >> she left. she's gone. >> reporter: oscar nominated film silver lining's playbook portrays a bipolar man played by bradley cooper. the movie deals with the complex issue of mental illness. from the l.a. red corporate to northwest d.c. bradley cooper appeared as a panelist before a crowd at the center for american progress. >> from somebody who was ignorant to empathetic and now
5:33 pm
i can take action. it's triage right now. >> reporter: the actor visited walter reed yesterday and said his visit was magical. he now understands the need for mental health and healing for our american heroes is enormous. >> you could just see last night they're starving for some sort of acknowledgement. we have a tsunami public health issue with these returning veterans. >> reporter: former congressman patrick kennedy diagnosed with bipolar disorder left congress to launch his own mental health organization. >> and i thank god that at this time in the discussion we have a movie out that begins to humanize these illnesses. >> reporter: some in the crowd just wanted a glimpse of former people magazine's sexiest man alive, but the subject was far from glamorous. the actor realizing his star power and silver lining's playbook have a power far
5:34 pm
beyond the silver screen. in northwest, surae chinn, wusa9. >> bradley cooper is a georgetown university alum. this is his first oscar nomination for best actor. >> and here he is putting the spotlight on something people used to not talk about at all. >> absolutely. you may have noticed we all have a touch of red on today. >> we've got ties on the guys. it's the 10th year for the american heart association's go red for women. basically it's a wakeup call to women. we often worry more about breast cancer and other women's health issues and don't think about heart disease. the woman in today's story breaks all the stereotypes of your typical heart patient. lucy bowen mccauley is a leader in the arts in the metro area. she started the lucy bowen mccauley dance company known worldwide for top notch performances. a balancely dancer since -- a
5:35 pm
ballet dance since age 7, a lifelong athlete always staying in shape, but her life almost came to a screeching halt. >> about 12 years ago i started to have some symptoms like a gray curtain over my eye a couple times and became very short of breath which was unusual for a dancer. >> reporter: alarmed by the subtle but strange symptoms lucy went to the doctor. she has a heart defect, one that could have killed her on the spot. >> you could have knocked me over with a feather when they diagnosed me with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. >> reporter: that means the heart pumps weakly and erratically and doctors don't really know the cause. she underwent three surgeries and now has a pacemaker defibrillator inside her chest. that device has corrected her heartbeat several times when it got dangerously out of whack. >> i would not be alive today without my doctors and the surgeries and the icd in my chest. i've had many episodes.
5:36 pm
i would not be here today. >> reporter: but she is. >> the dance they were working on will premier at the kennedy center in april. bottom line, lucy wouldn't have that lifesaver inside her if she'd ignored her symptom like many women and could have gone into cardiac arrest or had a stroke. ladies, make sure you listen. coming up one of the most famous transit stations in the whole world celebrates a very big birthday, no. 100. >> up next prosecutors reach a decision whether to file charges against two australian dj's involved in the royal hoax that turned deadly, remember? >> don't forget we are always on and the wusa9 app. stay with us. we'll
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new info on those down under dj's behind that royal hoax that turned tragic. prosecutors will not be filing charges against the australian radio team that impersonated queen elizabeth and prince charles to try to get information on the duchess when she was in the hospital with morning sickness. the woman who put the call through to the nurse killed herself three days later.
5:40 pm
prosecutors say there's no evidence to support a charge of manslaughter saying the call was intended as a prank. former new york city mayor ed koch is being remembered as an icon and one of the most beloved leaders. koch died of heart failure early this morning. he was 88. koch helped lift new york during some of its darkest financial days during his three terms in office. his trademark question, how am i doing? happy birthday grand central station speaking of new york city. this is one of the most famous big apple landmarks and it turned 100 years old today. mayor bloomberg showed up to talk. so did caroline kennedy. her mom jacqueline kennedy onassis actually led the effort to save grand station from the wrecking ball in the 1970s. coming up we'll tell you which smartphone users have the highest
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in tonight's consumer alert an important recall for parents and caregivers. check your medicine cabinet for any triaminic or theraflu warming relief syrup.
5:44 pm
the consumer product safety commission is recalling those medications because it turns out kids can get through those child resistant caps. the company novartis health said it distributed the last batch more than a year ago of the product. love your iphone but hate the bill? according to a new poll from consumer intelligence research partners, 60% of iphone users say they pay over $100 for their monthly service. 50% of android users pay the same, but blackberries and windows mobile users pay less. researchers say the carriage fees that cell providers have to pay is likely the reason, not overuse. game day is no longer just for the guys. female fans has the nfl taking notice and now the league is making clothing and merchandise especially for us. >> reporter: the boldings traveled 19 hours and spent $4,900 to get to new orleans. one of them is a die hard fan and it's not who you think. >> i made sure i got a shirt
5:45 pm
for every day i'm down here before i left. >> reporter: marion bolding with four ravens shirts and matching earring is the target for one of the nfl's biggest marketing campaigns. it's women who made the last three super bowls their most watched shows, more than the grammys and academy awards. >> i think it's always been a man's sport and it's really evolved into where women are really into the nfl. >> reporter: it's not just going after the clothing marketers. >> how many hilarious movies starring me will this play before running out of juice? >> reporter: researches are say super bowl commercials will be tailored toward the head of the household. women willingly admit they make 85% of all household purchases. >> it's equal. me. >> reporter: a record 51 million watched last year's super bowl, reason enough to see these vests, coats and t- shirts flying off the shelves now. >> the target market was always the men. it's great we finally get to buy our own things.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: the nfl hopes if you get a woman the right gear early on, you might have a shopper for life. >> that is just cute. if that's the case for you, be prepared to shell out the money. prices for women's nfl gear ranges from $20 to as much as $125 per item. prices for a 30 second commercial during the commercial a whole lot higher than that. advertisers are paying up to $4 million. for the 25th consecutive year the usa today ad meter will rate each and every one of them. in honor of the silver anniversary usa today is inviting everyone to sign up and help pick a winner. >> we've opened up voting to adults across the country. go to to register by midnight friday night. come back sunday, log on, vote on all the ads. >> watch 9 news now news after
5:47 pm
the super bowl. we'll find out which commercial came out on top. chaos, mayhem ensues when a zebra gets loose at the tokyo zoo. okay, not really. it was just a drill where zookeepers practice what would happen if there was an earthquake and some wild animal got out of its pen. this is really not the scariest animal, nor the scariest costume i've ever seen. it is an employee, but he's determined. look at that. the net was not enough. so they up the ante, get serious and break out the tranquilizer gun. check out this acting. oh, yeah, he's getting weaker. oh, god, oh. workers rush in with a net and mission accomplished, another pseudoanimal human escape that the tokyo zoo successfully contained.
5:48 pm
so you got to wonder how much help would that really be if a lion or bear or maybe even chimpanzee got out? >> i was going to say worse case scenario it's not a zebra, but very funny video, though. >> maybe that's why they did it. we're looking at three chances of light snow the next three days. nothing big. let's start with live look outside. temperatures have been falling all day. the high temperature was this morning about 5:00. it was 30 since, our michael and son weather cam -- 36. our michael and son weather cam, beautiful shot of the capitol. dew point is 2. the indoor relative humidity is 7%. the pressure is still falling the 30.20 since inches of mercury. groundhog day, punxsutawney phil, they torture that animal every morning. we should use a hedgehog because the original holiday in england they used a hedge hock
5:49 pm
because it was an insectivore because they eat insects and if insects are out, the winter is pretty much over. we don't have any hedge hogs. 127th groundhog day tomorrow. i think he'll see his shadow and declare six more weeks of winter. we haven't really had any winter yet. 23 rockville, 24 bethesda and arlington actual temps, 27 in springfield and 26 in college park, 25 toward waldorf. factor in the winds, it feels like 6 above in gaithersburg, 15 downtown, 13 manassas and 12 towards leesburg. here's our next system, very weak in terms of how much moisture it has. it's going to dive southeastward and move through here tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, a dusting, better chance north of town. wind chills are the headlines,
5:50 pm
0 to 10 tonight, more snow showers late tomorrow, adoing to an inch and more showers late sunday and another one on monday. because of the potential for a dusting tomorrow night 9 weather alert yellow saturday, 33, 38 sunday, afternoon and evening snow showers. you'll be able to get to the super bowl parties. back to 33 monday with nighttime snow showers monday. we'll leave those two days green. next seven days, seasonable tuesday, mid-40s, upper 30s on wednesday, a little glitch in the temps and back to the mid- 40s on thursday and back to 50 on friday. >> that was kind of a chubby groundhog. >> he's pretty hip, isn't he? >> thanks, top. these kids were treated to free dental care today. we'll tell you where they were coming up.
5:51 pm
>> also up next our own jc hayward sits down with a redskins legend right before the super bowl.
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(woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles
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in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful in money news tonight the value of your home after pulling the economy into a recession, the housing market finally recovering. >> as jessica doyle tells us, we could be even on the cusp of a sellers market. >> reporter: if you've been waiting to sell your house, a great time to do so may be just around the corner. >> as soon as the flowers start
5:54 pm
showing up, it's going to be a feeding frenzy in april. housing is the best story of the year. >> reporter: leading local economy watcher dr. stephen fuller of george mason university says sellers have been waiting a long time to sell since the bubble burst back in 2006 and buyers have been waiting to buy with interest rates holding near record lows and the economy picking up some steam. some just don't want to wait any longer. >> we're still at half speed. this is pent up demand. there's lots of people ready to move. they're tired of doubling up living with their parents. they need more space because their family has grown over five years. >> reporter: locally prices have been rising 38 months in a row. the northern virginia association of realtors finds the d.c. area prices in december were up 14% over the same time last year. some neighborhoods are already matching seven year highs and this could be just the beginning. >> we're looking at three really good years.
5:55 pm
'14 and '15 are going to be a tsunami when it comes to housing sales. >> reporter: the biggest complaint about the local housing market at this very moment, there aren't that many homes listed for sale right now. that's putting more sellers in the driver's seat. there is one possible limitation to the local housing recovery. price could be an obstacle. mortgage industry rules have tightened making it more difficult to get jumbo blows, generally those above 407 -- loans, generally those above $417,000. that means there could be fewer buyers for more expensive homes in the area. our blitz and glitz team is in new orleans covering the stories surrounding the super bowl and jc hayward joins us now live from the railcar party and this comes after you spent the day with a redskins great. >> reporter: i did. i had a wonderful day, but let me tell you i am in the tequila patron boxcar.
5:56 pm
it is absolutely exquisite. it was built in 1927. it's used by stars and luminaries and all kinds of people. it's been refurbished and actually travels all over the country and it's used for fundraising. beautiful. in a few hours this place will be popping because patron is giving the party to raise money for the homeless, the st. bernard project. it will help many victims of hurricane katrina. let me tell you who i saw today. i'm walking down the street and i see a star and i say come on, let's go and have breakfast. i'm getting feedback. you didn't get my technical
5:57 pm
difficulty. things like this happen. it's going to be up in just a moment and you really are going to know this man when you see him because he is beloved by all the people in the metropolitan washington area. he has left a legacy for a lot of other football players to follow and i really want you to see him. so just a moment. let's see. oh, they didn't get my package. okay. maybe we can get it a little bit later, okay? think so? they want me to keep talking. we'll get it a little bit later. a massive fire, parents frantically trying to save their kids. it ends tragically. that is the sad story from maryland county tonight where
5:58 pm
two young sisters died in the house fire. the late night blaze was in myersville in frederick county and that's where we find our own scott broom. >> reporter: it was a family of six. the parents were able to save two children and were injured themselves, but they were not able to save a pair of sisters age 3 and 6 in a tragedy that touched this entire community. for neighbors who witnessed it it's hard to believe anyone could have survived this, a fire that broke out about 11:30 last night killing two children and bringing out neighbors to leave memorials. >> i've been up all night worrying about them because i could see the blaze from my house. it was horrible. >> it's an absolute tragedy. we didn't sleep at all last night, neither my husband nor i. >> she kept rocking and said what happened, what happened? where can my babies be? i'm a mother and i don't know how she can handle losing two babies like that. >> reporter: killed in the fire were 6-year-old sophie
5:59 pm
lillard and her 3-year-old sister madigan. the survivors were parents lang and jack lillard with sis -- angela and jack lillard with two other children. husband jack was last seen on a burning roof trying to get to the sisters who did not survive. he was flown to washington burn center. a volunteer firefighter was also injured. the house was completely engulfed in flames when they arrived. a cause of this tragedy has not been determined. scott broom, wusa9. one person is dead, two others seriously hurt after a crash in olney. this happened a short time ago on bachelor forest road. at last check that's been shut down in both directions. somebody else will have to hold onto the district's


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